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External code and mods : Depreciated code & mods

 Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 8:21 pm   ::   Author: NightSpirit

These are mods that have been introduced into our codebase at some point and then either rewritten or simply removed. They remain listed since some code-snippets from them may still exist and since we did actually use them at some point in our history we should still give credit.

Slash News Mod

  • URL:
  • Author: CodeMonkeyX -
  • Description: Allows you to assign a news category to any new topic. The topic can then be displayed as news with a category graphic like Slashdot.
  • Site Usage: Nearly all of this system has been replaced with custom code now.

Slash News for ez-portal

  • Author: Sisuk
  • Coder: Frold; slightly modified by CIRESTodd and Sisuk
  • URL:
  • Description: Allows you to use the CMX-News-Mod on the ez-portal by smartor.
  • Site Usage: Nearly all of this system has been replaced with custom code now.

phpBB easyCMS

  • URL:
  • Author: Freakin' Booty ;-P
  • Description: Write articles and let users write comments about them.
  • Features:

    • Ability to create as many chapters as you want, and have subchapters.
    • Full permissions system per chapter.
    • Disable comments in full.
    • Stop article and/or comment count.
    • Ability to approve articles and/or comments before they are made public.
    • Rate articles and/or comments.
    • Disallow avatars, smilies, HTML and BBcode independent from the board configuration.
    • Admins can post HTML independent from the CMS configuration.

  • Site Usage: This mod has now actually been removed due to it not integrating into our site and what we wanted to achieve. To avoid deadlinking we still use the same filenames and also the layout of the mod was very good and so we have kept that. Our code is very much different from that of this mod now tho.

Article & Comment Count in Profile

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