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Changelog : Version 3

 Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:34 pm   ::   Author: NightSpirit

3.4.6 - 31st August 2006
A collection of rolling updates to the spam filter. Unfortunatly also having to now include spamfiltering for registered accounts seeing as even the captcha verification is no defence against bot sign-ups Sad

3.4.5 - 28th May 2006
Again, most work is being directed to v4 but I was getting sick of the guest-spam

  • Huge additions to guest spam-filter
  • Spam and Annoyances forum is removed from recent posts on portal

3.4.3 - 21st November 2005
Just the one update because I am busy on v4 but this needed to be done before then!

  • Spam check for guest posts

3.4.2 - 3rd November 2005

  • Updated phpbb core
  • Added guest voting mod
  • Portal:

    • Patched portal to work with guest voting mod
    • Added function to handle guest names in all areas of portal (no link if guest)
    • Added 'pending articles' link to welcome box
    • Fixed bbcode parsing in portal comments
    • Fixed newline parsing in portal comments

  • Housekeeping:

    • More PM code removal
    • Removed some unused tables

3.4.1 - 27th October 2005

  • News cat images moved to template and linked to forum as apposed to special categories
  • Portal:

    • Viewing a single item in the portal now shows comments underneath
    • "posts since last visit" now only counts posts that you are authed to see
    • Article prefix on article news posts
    • Rewrite of news functions to use above cat changes
    • A few other small bugs fixed

  • Attachmod:

    • Non-mod attachment uploading works (if they have quota and are authed)
    • Extra fixes to avoid displaying attachments where they are not wanted

  • Articles:

    • Article view now only shows articles that the user is allowed to see
    • Auth bug fixed. Authed users can now add pages to their own articles Smile
    • Attachmod removed from article summary as it breaks things
    • Article/Search bugs fixed
    • New Article view bug fixed

  • Forum and Topic views enhanced to ignore draft/hidden etc articles
  • Enhancements to search to ignore draft/hidden articles
  • submit.php removed and it's features incorporated in posting.php
  • On submitting news, feedback is changed to allow for new submission or return to portal
  • Post topic as news is now a checkbox (if authed) as apposed to a two-item drop-down list
  • Memberlist:

    • Fixed bug in memberlist: Previously, when listing top-ten posters it was possible to sort ascending - thus showing bottom ten
    • Replaced PM in member list with article count
    • Made headers in memberlist sortable by clicking them (like most common file managers etc)

  • RSS Feed:

    • Complete rewrite of news rss feed to use current code, fixing a few bugs in the output
    • Added RSS Feed to session so ACP reports this correctly
    • Enhanced attachmod to work for RSS feed
    • Added the character conversion to rss output, now we validate Smile

  • Housekeeping:

    • ACP - removing extra categories and PM stuff plus some reorganisation of single-item categories
    • Removed most PM code
    • Removed unsued news code

  • Re-worded article statuses
  • Fixed attachmod breakage with missing images
  • Additional enhancements to attachmod pathing
  • Additions to language files including extra feedback on certain things
  • A handfull of other little fixes

3.3.3 - 15th October 2005

  • Fixes to user/group auth
  • Adjusted display of news threads in forums
  • Added conditional display for "Most active topics in last 30 days"
  • Re-added code for displaying of non-published articles which was in before but seems to have vanished
  • Removed incorrect display of "edited by <username>" the DB does not track who edited a post and thus the text line just gives out number of edits and date of last edit. Moderators should add an edit reason manually if need be.

3.3.2 - 2nd October 2005

  • Fixed nasty bug that swapped a post for the newsitem/article summary if it was edited EEK!
  • Resynced all topics incase they were affected by above bug

3.3.1 - 29th September 2005

  • Removed preview-first requirement
  • Alterations to guest-posting visual confirmation
  • Added button below preview to jump to editbox
  • Added second submit button under preview (reg users only)
  • Fixed bug with smilie path
  • Article links in feature area and article listing now link to page 1 instead of summary
  • Extra link in article list to go straight to comment view

3.3.0 - 27th September 2005
This is the second part in the articles re-write system, enabling full control over articles within the site and full integration with all our other mods and custom changes.

  • Submit button only appears after you have previewed once (as in version 2)
  • More feed-back to guest posters regarding visual confrimation
  • Visual confirmation only displayed after a preview
  • Mod_rewrites on portal pages - nicer urls and more google-friendly
  • Full article creation/editing/deletion/management via site controls
  • Draft/Submission/Publishing article system with permissions and stuff
  • Article page goodness - add/edit/delete and also automatic page navigation created on the fly so no more messy manual index links Smile
  • Article summaries have an auto-generated link to view the full article and hide comments etc
  • Attachmod integration with article system - will need some changes in the ACP later but allows article authors to add all images via the attachmod at any point to their article which can then be displayed inline.
  • Seperated topic/intro/comment view-count from actual article page view-count. This means that when viewing the comments or intro of an article it increments the topic-view count as per normal topics - a seperate page-count is used when viewing an actual page of an article. This gives a better indication of who many times people view an article as apposed to how many are viewing comments etc.
  • Article date now refers to update date for inhouse articles or published date
  • Additions to stop google (and other engines) trying to access files and folders that they shouldn't
  • A few changes in text labels
  • Bug fixes to several things in the update found after uploading while slightly jetlagged

3.2.0 - 21st August 2005
This was quite a big change in the back-end of the site tho not too much changed visually. It was part one in a two part process mainly centered around the article/CMS system which was didn't quite work how we wanted it to and seemed too detached from the main system. The re-write aims to make articles seem more tied into the site.

  • Changes to ACP
  • Articles from easyCMS moved to new forum-based system
  • Re-written article display pages to account for above
  • Slight alteration of forum site navigation links
  • Updating of authorisation system
  • Added ability to hide comments on article view
  • Added "Visual Confirmation for Guests"
  • Re-enabling of guest posting thanks to above
  • Swapped "search unanswered posts" for "search posts from last 24 hours"
  • Removed the custom agreement line stuff
  • Fixed bug with missing images in attchmod breaking layout on portal
  • Slight rename of forums
  • More behind the scene stuff in preparation for next version.

3.1.2 - 14th August 2005

  • Fixed rss feed compatibility with IE7
  • Added extra parsing when posting to strip out invalid (stupid) characters

3.1.1 - 10th August 2005

  • Fixed the display of attachments (inline and normal) in preview mode
  • Slight change to portal language file
  • Added new portal side bar for most replied to posts

3.1.0 - 4th August 2005
Finally have attachments working, although still not 100% tested and so only available to admins initially

  • Installed AcydBurn's attachment Mod
  • Modified attachment mod to work with the portal
  • Further modifications to attachments to allow an in-line display (i.e. to allow attachments to show between lines of text instead of just at the end
  • All times changed to BST - since we are a UK site it makes sence to do it that way.

3.0.3 - 4th July 2005
Mainly bugfixes and a few tweaks to portal.

  • Portal date now displays full names and is configurable from portal config
  • Recent Topics now ignores closed bugs forum and extra forums are configurable in portal
  • Removed a few unused things from portal config

3.0.2 - 29th June 2005
Small changes to the anti-spam code as an interim measure while bigger features are still in development.

  • Tweaked registration agreement to personalise it more and add some more text
  • Added an extra custom security field with the visual confirmation code on account registration
  • Stopped signup scripts from creating new accounts with website details
  • No websites can be created or displayed on accounts with less than 2 posts
  • Non-activated accounts are not shown in the memberlist

3.0 - 19th September 2004
The biggest change yet as old code was exchanged for a full migration to a PHPBB + Mods codebase. This involves converting all the old data and adjusting the code to our needs and design.

  • Updated style (while keeping our trademark green colouring)
  • Another new domain as site name is changed to (more pronounceable name while keeping our ZBN tag/initials) Smile
  • Nice integration, meaning only one login for the site and all permissions controlled by PHPBB
  • All data from old codebase imported
  • News posts contained in forums to allow comments as with any forum post
  • Forums reorganised to reflect changes to site usage
  • News category additions to allow more customisation
  • Static pages integrated to CMS allowing site information to be ammended directly rather than hand-coded pages
  • Finally a usable review/article section - integrated into the rest of the site to allow commenting by registered users
  • RSS newsfeed
  • Modifications to list parsing: Replace line breaks with close list tags so as to output valid HTML pages

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